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1. Tell me a little about you. 

I am an only child from an era where my mom was really stepping out of the mold by “bringing home the bacon and frying it up in a pan.”  I watched her exercise her rights and talents as more than a wife, mother and homemaker, but it wasn’t until much later I even knew this was happening. I also believed from an early age that dad had wanted a boy. So, while wanting to emulate my mom, I also wanted to please my dad. This created a pattern in my life much like a pendulum and sometimes it swung to extremes!


2. What is the most poignant moment or time in your life where you showed resilience?

This leads me to question myself, as I didn’t feel resilient. The one event that has changed my life forever, losing my mom too soon. As I alluded to in the beginning, she was my hero from day one but, over the decades, she has been my rock, biggest supporter, biggest critic and best friend. One thing I want to speak from my heart, never let anyone dictate your grief journey, no matter the kind of grief you are experiencing. Never feel guilty, just feel all the feels and move at your pace. For 2 years I have not felt resilient in the slightest! But, faced with the question, I see I am. I am my mother’s daughter.


3. How did that moment shape your life?

The resilience I have exercised in my work has been no comparison to these personal lessons. However, the woman I have become through this pain will change how I am in business and beyond. We shortchange ourselves if we limit resilience to strength and speed of recovery. My grief took me down for a long time but, sometimes the only way to rebuild is from the ground up. So much of me died with my mom and those things needed to be grieved, as well. The grace I have for myself and others is now my greatest gift. I hold a new sense of calm, knowing one of the worst possible events of my lifetime has come and gone and I’m still here. If I can survive this, I can survive anything! 


You put me in this virus lockdown 5 years ago and I’m struggling. Today, I am able to use these lessons of resilience to be “OK”. It still worries me as a mother and I have my moments but, I am proud of who I have become. If you know me, you may want to meet me with an open heart because you might need to get to know me again.


4. What tips do you have for those in need of hope?

1.     Love yourself first

2.     Don’t beat yourself up for too long. We all have ego, but open your heart to yourself and others.

3.     Keep learning

4.     Practice daily affirmations

5.     Move your body

6.     Drink more water than you think

7.     Take zero for granted

8.     Wake up and be grateful for 1 thing daily

9.     Your journey, grief or otherwise, is your own.

10.  Let go of guilt. Forgive yourself and anyone who needs forgiving.


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