Stories of Resilience & Hope

Phyllis Gleasman -


1. Tell me a little about you.

Outdoors is where I am most comfortable. I am a logger's daughter, raised in the Rocky Mountains of Montana with camping, fishing and a love for the beauty and peacefulness of being outside. That lifestyle continued when I married, as my husband's career was in hydroelectric construction management. This path took us north, south, east and west of the United States until opportunities were only in other countries and the family decision was to return to Chelan. During this timeframe I encountered one of my most challenging times, being moved to Washington, DC for four years. Being a country girl at heart, this was not my lifestyle. But the family took advantage of the opportunity to become history buffs by visiting museums, civil war battlegrounds, past president's estates and Ford's Theatre. So much to absorb if you chose. Through the 16 years of moving I learned that the house you had was home and each place had something to offer.


2. What is the most poignant moment or time in your life where you showed resilience?

Since moving back to Chelan in 1980, there have been many other challenges that have made me stronger and compassionate for all. Ron and I bought the orchard in 1981 with nothing but optimism. Then the industry started to decline. Not accepting failure, innovation took over and we survived, raised our family and built a beautiful place to live. The family tradition lives on with 3rd generation members wanting to stay on the orchard. Lemons have been served to the family but we have always made lemonade and continued planning. The farm all most went under again in the mid-90s, Ron left us in 2005, I survived breast cancer in 2009 and family issues were scattered within. 


3. How did that moment shape your life?

I have a passion for this agriculture life having been involved for 40 years. Having worked for Chelan Fruit for 34 years, I was blessed with being a part of placing a tree in the ground and watching the process until its bounty arrived at a retailer. What an educational experience, not only in the horticultural arena but also the technology side. The one life-changing experience that impacted me most was being a participant in the Washington Ag Forestry Leadership Program 1996-98. This program taught me leadership skills, public speaking, legislative protocol and most importantly, self confidence and self worth.


4. What tips do you have for those in need of hope?

Through all of the ups and downs, I learned there is always something to be thankful for and out of every bad comes good. Every event is a stepping stone to your life potential. And always, always, keep a sense of humor. Laughter turns mountains into hills and clears the mind for problem solving thoughts. There are things you would have done differently but just say to yourself, "Well that didn't work out!" and move on.


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